KnuLease for Large Dogs



KnuLease uses only 100% hydrolyzed Egg Membrane powder which contains an array of protein-based building blocks necessary for joint health:

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS – such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin)
Transforming Growth Factor

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KnuLease 250 mg is for larger dogs.

KnuLease promotes flexibility and helps to maintain joint mobility. Also with KnuLease, your pet will have a quicker recovery time and a decrease in pain and soreness.

Our unique ingredients and manufacturing process set us apart from all other joint health products. Unlike all other joint-related nutraceuticals that have been formulated by manufacturers, the ingredients in KnuLease are proprietary to Mother Nature. The array of protein-based building blocks found in KnuLease is not duplicated in any other joint-related nutraceuticals that do not contain egg membrane powder.

Ingredients include:

Eggshell membrane powder, cellulose
yeast extract
magnesium stearate.

 If your pet is plagued by joint pain and you want the most effective relief, try out KnuLease today!


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