How do KnuBoost Bars treat Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis?


What is Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis?


Zinc_Responsive Dermatosis is a metabolic skin disease that has two different syndromes:

Syndrome I: Most commonly found in northern breeds, specifically Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and Samoyed. This is because of a genetic defect which prevents Zinc from being absorbed in the intestine properly. The zinc is not metabolized properly, this syndrome requires therapy for the rest of a canine’s life.


Large husky laying down
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Syndrome II: Occurs in puppies that are rapidly growing and are fed a poor diet, additionally, this syndrome can occur when a dog is over-supplemented with calcium due to the zinc-binding attributes of the calcium the zinc cannot be absorbed.

What are Symptoms of Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis?


The symptoms present themselves differently for each syndrome. Additionally Syndrome II only presents itself in young canines and should no longer require treatment when they have reached maturity:

Syndrome I:

Dogs affected by syndrome I present with hair loss, scaling, and crusting at the eyelids, lips, nostrils, elbows, and footpad margins. Dogs with syndrome I will require ongoing therapy for the rest of the dog’s life.

Syndrome II:

Juvenile large breed dogs will present a zinc-responsive dermatosis by general crusting, plaques with extensive crusting, and fissuring of the footpads.

Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis on Nose

Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis can present at any mucocutaneous junctions

Dark Circles around Husky eyes Caused by Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis

Dark Circles forming around the eyes is a primary indicator of Syndrome I

Paw Fissure Caused by Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis

Paw fissuring presents most commonly in Syndrome II

What makes KnuBoost Bars effective in treating Zinc-responsive Dermatosis?


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KnuBoost bars contain Zinc Methionine which is one of three zinc supplements used as treatment. KnuBoost bars are a daily nutraceutical making them an ideal treatment option for maintaining a healthy level of zinc in your canine’s diet. If your dog is suffering from dermatology issues related to zinc deficiencies try KnuBoost Bar today!