Does your Dog Suffer from Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis?

Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis is a metabolic skin disease that has two different syndromes:

Syndrome I: Most commonly found in northern breeds, specifically Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and Samoyed. This is because of a genetic defect which prevents Zinc from being absorbed in the intestine properly. The zinc is not metabolized properly, this syndrome requires therapy for the rest of a canine’s life.

Syndrome II: Occurs in puppies that are rapidly growing and are fed a poor diet, additionally, this syndrome can occur when a dog is over-supplemented with calcium due to the zinc-binding attributes of the calcium the zinc cannot be absorbed.

                How Do KnuBoost Bars Help?

KnuBoost bars contain Zinc Methionine which is one of three zinc supplements used to treat Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis. KnuBoost bars are a daily nutraceutical making them an ideal treatment option for maintaining a healthy level of zinc in your canine’s diet. It doesn't matter if your canine suffers from either syndrome, KnuBoost bars can be used to treat. KnuBoost bars are also an excellent source of Omega Fatty acids and Glucosamine to help round out your dog's diet 

Dark Circles forming around the eyes is a primary indicator of Syndrome I

Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis can present at any mucocutaneous junctions

Alopecia at the joints is common with syndrome I

Paw fissuring presents most commonly in Syndrome II

Symptoms of Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis

The symptoms present themselves differently for each syndrome. Additionally Syndrome II only presents itself in young canines and should no longer require treatment when they have reached maturity:

Syndrome I:

Dogs affected by syndrome I present with hair loss, scaling, and crusting at the eyelids, lips, nostrils, elbows, and footpad margins. Dogs with syndrome I will require ongoing therapy for the rest of the dog’s life.

Syndrome II:

Juvenile large breed dogs will present a zinc-responsive dermatosis by general crusting, plaques with extensive crusting, and fissuring of the footpads.

A Creation Through Experience

The KnuBoost Bar was not just created over night and with ease. This specialty dog treat is a culmination of 30+ years of research by renowned VMD’s. Dr. Baird, a VMD at AMC Uniontown has used his life’s passion and work in order to create this amazing nutraceutical treat to help dogs. Through decades of deep research and real-life experience, the KnuBoost Bar was deemed ready for the public. With the KnuBoost Bar, dogs can now get help for their joints and bones while eating a delicious treat!

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