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Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids are the “superstars” for preventing inflammation.

The ratio of O3 Fatty Acids to O6 Fatty Acids is crucial for fighting inflammation.

“Average daily food consumption” should be considered when creating the best formulation for the dog or cat.

KnuGroup is your Dog’s choice!

KnuGroup is a group of supplements disguised as a yummy treats for dogs and cats. The KnuGroup products were formulated to be a rich source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids, which prevents inflammation among other things. Dr. Richard K. Baird, VMD is a small animal veterinarian who started experimenting with the use of O3EFAs in 1988. Through clinical observations, not through lab research Dr. Baird with the help of Dr. Ray Heinicke, respected biochemist and pet nutritionist developed the KnuGroup products.

Inflammation is a dog’s body’s response to “invaders” in its system. Inflammation can also be present when there are issues in the autoimmune system, because it thinks it has invaders to fight but doesn’t.

Coming Soon KnuOmega!


KnuOmega (pronounced “new omega”) has been specifically formulated as an excellent dietary source of Omega in the form of a powder that you simply sprinkle on top of your pets food. No more struggling with your pet to get them the nutrients they need!

Give any of the KnuGroup products with confidence that your are providing your pet with a lifetime support for good health.

The KnuGroup products are All-Natural Daily Pet Supplements that
Promote Healthy Joints, Inflammation reduction, and Pain management 

It is universally believed by veterinary nutritionists that pets receive plenty of O6s in their normal daily diets. Therefore, as the first commandant, any meaningful supplement must contain not only more O3s than O6s, but also must contain a clinically significant amount of O3s. O3s always sufficiently outnumber the amounts of O6s in both KnuBar and KnuBoost Bar. The continued demand of pet owners for both KnuBar and KnuBoost Bar administered under the direction of their veterinarian continually reaffirms the success of KnuBar and KnuBoost Bar in the clinical veterinary medical environment.

Still Have Questions?

Pain Management

One size does not fit all. For best results, that decision of when to start should be best answered by the pet owner in consultation with the family veterinarian.  Rule of Thumb: sooner rather than later for O3EFA supplementation for the best chance of maximizing the family’s time with the canine members of the family. 

Pain management not only treats what can be readily observed… but it is a known fact that low-grade pain significantly increases oxidative stress, and oxidative stress compounds the clinical effects of diseases and illnesses. Ultimately, oxidative stress can even kill patients!

Kidney Disease: Are O3EFAS Helpful?

Kidney disease is a stealth-like disease that affects many older dogs. Unfortunately, clinical signs almost never show up until the pathological process has damaged at least 90% of the kidney mass. While O3EFAs do not prevent kidney disease, O3EFAs naturally lower blood pressure. This naturally lowering of the patient’s blood pressure supports the patient’s natural fight against the self-induced progression of kidney disease.

O3EFA’s also fight the progression of physical devastation of the patient’s muscle mass. In almost all cases supplementation with O3EFAs make pets with renal disease feel better, move better, retain muscle mass better, act less in pain and remain more interactive with the family.

Why use pet health supplements?

Having a good ratio of Omega 3s and 6s is essential to a healthy diet. When evolving Human beings were eating a diet that consisted of about a 1:1 ratio. Modern diets can range from a ratio of 15:1 to 17:1. The heavy reliance upon corn as a staple in our diets has led to the disproportion of the Omega ratios, and this is now effecting our pets as well. Pet food is also being made using corn and as a result your pets dietary needs have shifted.

KnuGroup products are unique compared to other Omega fatty acid supplements because instead of providing Omega 3s and 6s, KnuGroup products only contain Omega 3s. When both Omega 3s and 6s are provided it does not sway the ratio at all.

What are KnuGroup Products?

KnuGroup products do three things: measurably increases joint flexibility and overall mobility of the user, significantly reduces or completely relieves the aches and pain associated with both aging and past injuries, and greatly reduces the recovery time for aches and pains

What makes KnuGroup products special or unique?

Chemical make-up, purity and excellent bioavailability above all else makes KnuGroup products special and unique to all other joint health products. The nutrient makeup is what Mother Nature offers in the eggshell membrane. Knugroup products do not undergo any extraction process that damages the native ingredients thus guaranteeing that KnuGroup products contain absolutely no chemical residue remnants from harsh manufacturing processes. And, while most joint health products have some of the nutrients and building blocks in their formulations, they do not have them all.

Purity is another important aspect of KnuGroup products. The original intent for the hen’s eggshell membrane is to supply all of the ingredients of KnuBar, plus calcium for developing bones to the un-hatched baby chick. While calcium may be great for bones, its residual presence in KnuBar would only dilute the active ingredients involved with enhancing joint health. So, when we speak of “purity” we are referencing that the calcium has been 94% removed from our sourced eggshell membrane powder resulting in purity that mg for mg contains maximum active ingredients for maintaining joint health.

Finally, all eggshell membrane-containing products contain some glycosaminoglycans that are concentrated by an extraction process. As previously stated, KnuGroup products do not undergo any extraction process that damages the native ingredients; therefore the active ingredients found in KnuGroup products are delivered as they occur naturally and are immediately ready to work — which translates into excellent bioavailability.

What are the benefits of eggshell membrane powder?

I never heard of eggshell membrane powder. Why all the excitement and what is driving all the attention?

The excitement at KnuGroup (the parent company of KnuBar) is driven by the results of the clinical trial done on dogs by Dr. Richard Baird, a practicing veterinarian who runs a Pain Management Program in his Uniontown PA veterinary practice. Dr. Baird was certain that a clinical trial using dogs in a real veterinary practice environment would demonstrate the efficacy of KnuBar in real life by real patients closer to the truth than some group of laboratory animals.

Dr. Baird states:  “Animals do not lie and they are not subject to the placebo affect! Therefore, when testing the efficacy of a product relative to increasing joint flexibility and patient mobility, no group of subjects produce an answer closer to the truth than actual patients in a veterinary practice environment. My conclusion from the clinical trial is that KnuBar relieves pain faster and more completely than any other supplement on the market including all the usual suspects as well as the exotics like reindeer antlers, shark fin, algae, crustaceans, etc.”

Have any clinical trials been done in humans?
Yes. The clinical trial done in humans after the original clinical trial done on dogs by Dr. Baird vividly reaffirms the findings of the original dog-trials.
Are their side effects of KnuGroup Products?

Usually, a better quality of life. There are no known or recognized negative side effects.

Can Overdosing on KnuGroup Products Occur?


Is this product safe to be used long-term?
Yes. While no long-term studies for any eggshell membrane related products have been done, animals and humans have been ingesting the contents of EMP [eggshell membrane powder] for centuries without any problems arising. What makes KnuLease [100% hydrolyzed eggshell membrane powder] safe is the purification and the virtual elimination of collateral non-active ingredients.