The Development of Eye Boogers in Dogs

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What is causing my dog to develop eye boogers?

1. Conjunctivitis - Conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye) is the inflammation of the lining in a dogs eye. Dog eye discharge that is mucus, watery, pus, or goopy like are all signs of conjunctivitis in dogs. Conjunctivitis can come from a lot of different causes. Causes of conjunctivitis can range from simply allergies or foreign substances effecting your dog eye, to something more severe like tear duct problems, birth defects, or even a tumor.

Conjunctivitis has many different signs. Some signs include your dog scratching at the eye, excessive blinking, not opening their eye, having extremely red eyes, or crusty eyes. Crusty eyes can be a result of zinc responsive dermatosis in which the KnuBoost Bar can help treat! KnuBoost Bars contain zinc methionine which is a supplement that helps treat this disease.

2. Blepharitis - Blepharitis is the inflammation of the eyelid and can effect one or even both eyes in a  dog. Common signs that your dog is suffering from blepharitis are red eyes, itchiness of the eyes, and excessive blinking or squinting. Your dog scratching its eye may cause even more damage and result in discharge from the eye. This discharge like conjunctivitis can be mucus like or even watery or pus like. You will spot a sort of goop or booger around the eye. Blepharitis can be caused by many things, one of which is nutritional disorders like zinc-responsive dermatosis. KnuBoost Bars specialize in dealing with this and may help your dog eye problems.

3. Nutritional Disorder- Nutritional disorders that can effect the dogs eye include fatty acid deficiency and zinc responsive dermatosis. Zinc responsive dermatosis is a metabolic skin disease that has two syndromes. Syndrome I is a breeding issue where the dog has a genetic defect in that zinc cannot be stored in the intestine properly and therefore not metabolized properly. This is commonly found in northern breed dogs like huskies. Syndrome II is a result of poor diet in puppies that lack zinc. It can also be a result of over supplementing calcium. Due to the zinc binding attributes in calcium, too much of it may not allow the zinc in food to be stored.  Zinc responsive dermatosis can result in crusting around the face of a dog and may get in the eye.

Crusting around the eye of dogs can often lead to being an irritant to your dogs eyes . This irritant can cause for those eye boogers or gunk that you see in your dogs eyes. A common supplement to help the crust from zinc responsive dermatosis is zinc methionine. KnuBoost Bars specifically contain zinc methionine in order to provide dogs with a zinc supplement that will keep their zinc levels balanced, which can help prevent crusting. It is also a great treatment for other zinc responsive dermatosis problems.

How KnuBoost Bars Help Treat Dog Eye Problems:

Zinc Responsive Dermatosis

Provides zinc methionine which is a supplement that helps treat this nutritional disorder and can help prevent crusting around the face and the eyes.

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Zinc Methionine

Zinc deficiency can cause crusting around the face. KnuBoost bars provide zinc methionine as a supplement to this and can may be able to helps stop those eye boogers!

Breeding Issues

Crusting around the face can be a result of your dogs breed. Northern breeds tend to suffer from zinc responsive dermatosis that creates crusting around the face. KnuBoost Bars can help treat this.

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Blepharitis can be a result of a nutritional disorder like zinc responsive dermatosis, in which KnuBoost Bars help treat!

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